December 14, 2012

Christmas Decore

As promised, I have the rest of the projects I have been working on for Christmas Decorations. This will be a very picture heavy post.

For the first project I made, I used the Plastic Cups that Fast Food Restaurants give out. I took the 16 oz., 20oz, and 32oz cups. These fit the purpose perfectly.

I cut out Three Cones for the top and glued them with the Silicone Gun. Then, using some black acrylic paint, I covered all of the cup and cone so it could be a solid color.

They look like some Dark Towers from LOTR, don't they? LOL

Next, for the First Two, I cut out strips of Tan and Red Burlap and Glued them in an Alternating Fashinon.

The Last Tree was covered in a Decorative Garland that I found at the Christmas Section of Walmart. I had to buy 4 spools of it to cover the tree completly.

These are the first two completed. I decided the one on the Right didn't looked quite finished by itself.

So I added a Twisted Flower made from Red Burlap and  some Green Burlap Leaves.

This is the Last tree all finished with some "Lights" I found in the Christmas Section as well.

For the Next Project, I saw in a Pintrest Post HERE And knew I just had to make my own.
I got some Wood Blocks that had been left over from my son's Swing Set set up. There were exactly 3 of the same size! WIN!

I went ahead and colored them black with Acrylic Paint.

Once they were dry, I spray painted them with Clear Spray Paint to seal the Color.

I cut out 6 Tan Burlap Squares about 1/2inch smaller all around, than the Wooden Blocks. I decided to make them dual. I wanted to be able to see the JOY on both sides. I cut the letters out with the Cricut in Black Cardstock.

I used my beloved Mod Podge to glue on the burlap onto the wooden blocks and then the letters. Once it was dry, I gave it a second coating to cover the Whole Block.

And this is the result. Side one....

Side Two.....

Wheeeeuuuu.... that was a long post. LOL... hope you enjoyed the projects I have done for Christmas.
I will be taking a break for Christmas since I will be out of town. But hopefully I'll be back with other projects later on in January.

Thanks and have a Blessed Holiday Season and A Wonderful New Year!

Thanks for Looking!

December 12, 2012

A Jar of Candy.

So, Yesterday I gave you a glimpse of what I have been working on.
Most of them are Christmas decorations that I want around my house, and the rest are some gifts.

I finished this one last night. So, pardon the early pictures since they are done with only my lamp light.
It's a burlap jar and candy canes.
 I decided to use some of the red burlap I had used for the HO HO HO Santa Wreath.
I took one of the Mason Jars that I had (from spaghetti sauce, LOL) and measured the cloth from the base of to the top of the jar. I cut the fabric in length and circumference.

I then hot glued it to the jar.

After, I took some of the Baker's Twine that I had in my kitchen (the crafting twine was too small and I wanted a solid light color) and wound it all around the neck of the jar.

This is what it looked like when I was done.

For the Candy Canes, I had to find something that was tubular (LOL) and able to bend. I found what I was looking for in the Hair Product Isle at my local Walgreens! I was looking for a brush (which I completely forgot to buy when I found these) and was sooo excited that these would be PERFECT!

I cut strips of burlap to cover the rollers and hot glued them on.

I put this picture up to show that burlap is very forgiving. If you cut to short, just add a small strip in the area you "messed up" in and hot glue it.

I then added some crafter's twine around the stick and gave it the shape of a candy cane...

I didn't like the result. from afar, the multicolored twine faded into the burlap, so, I dyed the Twine a solid color.

And this is the end result!

Thanks for Looking!


December 11, 2012

Work in progress...

This Holiday Season has me feeling very Crafty. I have been doing tons of Christmas-y Projects so far and have about 4-5 more that I'm curently working on.

I don't have much for today but a sneak peak on what I'm working on.

It involves LOOOOOTTTSSS of Mod Podge.

I'm working on Altered Coasters, Altered Frames for Gifts. A "Candy Cane" Jar and some Burlap Trees

I hope you come back to see the finished products!

Thanks for looking


December 9, 2012

A Star is Born

Ever since I was a little girl, we have always put an Angel on top of our Christmas tree. When I started living by myself, I bought this beautiful porcelain Angel that took it's place of honor on top of my Tree for many years. Flashforward to Christmas 2011, My then 9 month old, running around like a speed daemon in his walker, eyes the tree, and like a bullet SHOOOOOOTS himself toward it, hitting it with a spectacular crash that toppled the tree and down went the Angel. I tried gluing it together, but it was not the same.

I hosted an online CTMH party a while back and got one of the Hostess Rewards Packages. In it, it had the 3D Star. I knew that this would become our new Christmas Tree Topper. I just had to sit down and do it.

I used the leftover sheet of Glitter Paper that I had used for the Santa Buckle. Then I Glued some Shimmer Trim On both sides of the center indented edge on each of the 5 points.

For the Poinsettia, I cut out the shapes from the Artiste Cricut Cartridge on White Daisy Cardstock, inking them with Ruby on both sides and then edging them with Barn Red. Both of these inks are from CTMH. You can use any inks you have as long as they are water based. I like to use Distress inks as well.

Next, I formed the flower on the foam pad.

And Gave it the final shape on the sponge pad.

Once it was done, I cut out some Holly Leaves from the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge in Green. I then Edged them with Saddle Ink to give them a more worn look and formed the leaf.

I glued the Poinsettia in the middle of the star to Highlight it.

I added some pearl accents to the middle along with some Almond Glitz Glitter Gel.

Thanks for Looking!


December 8, 2012

... And Winter is at my Doorstep

So, continuing on my Wreath theme,
(aparently I have nothing else to do, but make wreaths. This has really got to stop)
I saw THIS beautiful wreath on one of my Pintrest boards. But, it had already been sold.

On one of my many, many trips to JoAnn's, I saw the burlap fabric was on sale! You know what happened next. I bought a couple of yards on Christmas colors. (I had this wreath in mind to recreate) Then I went to the Flower area and got the wire frame for the wreath. I didn't want the small one, but the next size was the 24in. one. Oh, well. Go Big or Go Home as we say here in Texas.

I cut out strips of the red burlap.
They were approximately 12 inches in lenght and 3/4 inches in width. I cut about 75-80 strips.

I began by knoting them around the Whole Width of the wire frame.

Just one knot was fine. I repeted this step AD NAUSEUM. Every 10 or so, I would squeeze them together so there wasn't much room between the strips.

I did this the whole diameter of the wire Wreath.

For the buckle, I used Sparkly Glitter Paper. I cut it with the Art Philosophy Cartridge from CTMH for my Cricut. I also cut the HO HO HO  from the cartridge as well. 

I added a little sparkle to the Letters.

And Added the black burlap belt to the buckle and hot glued it to the frame. On hind sight, I could have skipped knotting the red burlap on the area where the belt would overlap it, but since it was my first atempt, you live and learn. I added the lettering to the left and Voila! It is being proudly displayed on my door.

Thanks for looking!


FALL is almost gone....

So um, yeah, fall is pretty much over. (noooooo) It's my favorite season of the year and I feel, here in Texas, that it isn't long enough. By the time "summer" ends in mid-October,
there is only a month that I really get to enjoy it.

Here, Halloween is big, but I'm more into the autumn aspect of fall. You know, turning leaves and acorns. Pumpkins and Apples. Nice Scarecrows and Haystacks. *sigh* 

So it was with great enthusiasm that I made a Fall wreath. Previous years, were Halloween related, but this year was all about FALL. I found some inspiration in the form of THIS wreath that I had Pined.

I began with a normal $2 wreath I bought at the bin section of Target. I also found some nice acorns and pine cones for about $2 each as well. I had some fall leaves left over from the Fall banner that I decided to use up as well.

Since the Straw wreath I found was SUPER small and the burlap wasn't sticking very well. So I took an old Cardboard box and cut out a Circle frame that was bigger than the Wreath.

I began hot gluing the burlap ribbon from CTMH in a folded overlapping way. (On the outer edge) All the way around the cardboard cutout.

Once it was finished I hot glued the wreath on the inside area that was exposed.

On the bottom right corner of the wreath, I began to hot glue the leaves and the pine cones. I finished by adding the acorns as well.

I needed to make a banner, so I took the precut banner chipboard pieces from the ART PHILOSOPHY CRICUT COLLECTION that I had and added some rosettes. I then used the Houndstooth letters and Inked them.

I strung them up with some twine

And Attached it to the wreath.

I added some burlap to the back, that I bought at JoAnn's, and hung it up right next to our Scarecrow that was gifted by my wonderful Mama.

Thanks for looking!


November 13, 2012

School Wreath

I recently made a Wreath for my Godmother's Door at the School she is a councelor with. This is what I came up with.

Thanks for Looking!