March 27, 2012

A NOLA card

Today I don't have much time, but I wanted to show you my new Magnolia Stamp! It's Tilda with Koala and I was so excited to get her, I just had to make a card to say hello to my Secret Sister. I used colored pencils and the blender from Close to My Heart.

The flower Is a sunflower. I'm almost done with the tutorial for the next series of flowers and this one will be one of them. Underneath it is a BEAUTIFUL FLOWER that Ms. Tatiana crocheted herself. They are the most beautiful crochete flowers ever! The stick pin is from a Swap that Ms. Sharon graciously made for me. I just thought it accented the card perfectly! The frame is from Paper Lace Cricut Cartridge.

Thanks for looking

March 26, 2012

In the right FRAME of mind

I do have to apologize for not posting so often. I've been busy trying to get my house in order
 :-) and finishing up various SWAPS I enrolled myself in.

Today I'll show you the altered frame I did for my Secret Sister (an Easter/Spring theme). She said she loved altered frames, and I found this completly black wood one on sale. It was so plain. Just PLAIN. AHHH, but armed with a glue gun and embelishments, and voila!

My secret sister said she wanted vintage style. So I had to "Age" the black wood.
First, I Painted a Pink color to the wood. I didn't really mind that the black could be seen through. After it dried, I applied a second coat.
Then I rubbed candle wax on certain areas to prevent the yellow paint from sticking.
I added two coats of yellow paint.
I then finished it with glossy Mod Podge to seal the color in.

On the lower right hand corner, I added some of my handmade flowers, some lace and two stick pins. The "balloons" as my son calls them, come from a wreath I bought at Target. I just dismantled it and used them in different projects.

This is another example of where to use the flowers from the flower tutorials.

Thank you for looking!

March 9, 2012

Art To The Eggstreme

So Easter is right around the corner, and this year, I'm determined to decorate for it. Last year around this time, I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and didn't even want to move.

Aside from Christmas, Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I love spring pastel colors, they just remind me of beautiful spring days and warm sunshine. It takes me back to Easter Sunday at my Tita Mina's house. Searching for eggs. Talking about the Easter Bunny. Having delicious Peach dessert. I love easter.

Anyway.... So I was at Target this past week and I saw they were selling these colored ornament eggs. They were in pastel colors and no decoration on them whatsoever. They were literally SCREAMING to me "ALTER US" "HELP US"

I quickly snatched up a package and brought them home with me. I had to save them from being simpletons.

And so, here is how I glamed them up. They look so pretty now.

I first gathered all the stuff I wanted to add to them. And had my pliers and tweezers at the ready.

I then started hot glueing the flatback gemstones onto the egg.

Some ribbon and glitter glue, and this egg was done.

This egg, I added some lacy ribbon, sequins and half pearls for the center. On the top, I added a bead cap to pull the hanging string from.

This egg has some Twine wrapped around the egg with some cloth flowers

This one has some beaded lace and a line of half pearl accents.

This one has some seed beads to it and some flatback gemstones.

And this is what my Easter Egg Tree looks like.

I'll eventually add some Paper flowers to the sticks. And maybe Alter the base in some way. But for now, I like the way it looks next to my window. ;-p

Here is the one I made for my secret sister. It's the same eggs, exept that I modgepodged some images onto the egg and put some nice pearled lace on it.

Thanks for looking!