February 20, 2012

Electrify Me!

My sister got married this past year and I was given the task of making the grooms cake. I accepted thinking maybe a chocolate cake with some strawberries and the like. Something easy. Yeah, well, my sister had a different idea.

She wanted an electric guitar for her soon to be husband.


Except she wanted it all black and white. That's what my soon to be Brother-in-Law likes.

After picking up my jaw off of the floor, I agreed. What can I say, I really like my BIL. He's awesome and he really did deserve an awesome cake. SOOOO... With only 2 months to prepare and design the cake, I had to get a move on it.

I cut the bottom part of the guitar out of a cricut diecut and took it to get it blown up at the copy machine place. Then I transfered it over to heavy duty chipboard. I then used my gypsy to design the center pieces of the guitar and cut them out with the Cricut Cake.

The silver accents were colored with shimmer powders that were combined with a bit of vodka to make it liquid and produce a paint.

I added all the accents to it. The handle of the cake was done in rice crispies treats and the head was more cake.

And this was his cake. Lemon Cake with Pinapple filling since that is his favorite.

Thanks for looking!

February 19, 2012

Tag! You're IT!

I apologize for the lack of posts. I've been stuck at home with two little sick boys and almost NO crafting time. It's driving me nuts!!!

But alas, we had a couple of  birthday partys a couple of weeks back and I made some tags for the gifts. They were very simple to make and made a big impression on the hostesses.

The tags are made from chipboard and covered in patterned paper. I punched out four squares and stamped them with To: and From: from CTMH Celebration Stamps that came with the CTMH Art Philosophy Bundle. I also used the HAPPY BIRTHDAY stamp from that set.
The Woddy and Buzz Holographic Sticker was put on a 3D-Dot to give it elevation and I wrapped the bottom of the tag with Kraft Ribbon and Twine. Took me 3 minutes.

These were for my Son's three pre-Kinder teachers. I made them some baskets for Christmas and needed some tags. I used some of the leftover poinsettias from our christmas cards, some ribbon and Used the CHOMAS gel pen holder to write our names. I inked the edges with T.H. Disstressing Ink in Walnut Stain.

I put a pretty crystal plate and added a snoman shaped mug with a can of Piroulli and a bag of Godiva Coffe and some Godiva Chocolates. I finished it with a Christmas Bag.

Thanks for looking!

February 15, 2012

Heart's Desire Necklace

Although Valentine's Day is over, I would like to post this necklace because it is so apropriate. I took a class at ORIGINALS , a local bead and jewelry supply store about a year and a half ago.

The instructor, Kim Berlin, is a super talented wire artist that has been featured in Bead & Button Magazine multiple times. I was honored to have been able to take my wire classes from her.

One of her designs is this beautiful Heart's Desire Necklace. She teaches this necklace class at Originals, although I haven't seen it offered in a while.

It is done with 14gSoft SS wire as the heart and 16gSoft SS wire for the rest of the swirls. It includes Black Czech Crystals and Smaller Swarovski Crystals. Both are encased in SS bead caps.

I love wearing this necklace during this time of year.

Thanks for looking!

February 13, 2012

Oh, my sweet Valentine!

Last year for Valentine's Day I was very pregnant with my Second Child. Well, I really didn't do much for the kids at my son's school, so I bought them Heart shaped balloons. Easy out, kids happy.

This year, I decided to make Cookie Pops for the class. Valentine's Day style.
I did the cookies just like the ones for my sister's bridal shower, and I took out all the decorating supplies needed. I found these really cute sprinkles from Wilton at Walmart and of course the trusty cookie Icing in Red, Pink and White. Now Pink and Lavender are two colors that I hadn't seen and I'm thinking they are for Valentine's Day. So I made sure to buy some surplus incase I need them for Mother's Day.

I already had the white pearls so that was a plus.

I decided to make a variety of cookies. Not all the same. And Some of them even had some fondant hearts. I had some red fondant left from the Mickey Cake.

Let them dry overnight before you put the plastic over them. BUT don't make the mistake of leaving them to dry standing. The icing will drip and may distort your decor.

For the lables, I used my Cricut/Gypsy and the Art Philosophy Cartridge to make them personalized. Instead of cutting them out first, I used the Chomas Gel Pen holder (Which you can buy HERE)To write the design inside the tag. I LOVE This Gel Pen Holder. I then selected the file to just cut the ouline of the card.  

I inked the outside of the tag and cut out just the hearts and inked those too.

I attached the tag to the cookie with some pretty ribbon.


Thanks for looking!

February 11, 2012

Organization is the key

I recently did an organizer for my partner in one of the famous Swaps on the Cricut MB. The challenge or theme of the Swap was to turn a file folder into an organizer or an album. My partner chose an organizer.

Thankfully, I was paired with someone that liked the same style as I do. Vintage or Shabby Chic. I chose shabby chic since I'm most comfortable with it. To find out more about this style check out THIS Article.

On a side note, I was recently asked what projects one would use the flowers I did in my tutorial. Well, this is one of them. :)

To start off, you get a normal, run of the mill file folder.

Next, open it completely.

Now measuring from the bottom up, Fold at 4 inches. Then measuring from the left tab toward the middle, Score a line at 4 and 7/8 of an inch. The next line should be at 4 and 2/8 (1/4) of an inch. The Third Score should be also at 4 and 1/4 of an inch.

Once it is folded I like to cut the pockets, so they are open. It makes it easier to place the paper on the back. Not only that, but you could leave it as a flap instead of a pocket.

Next I ink or disstress the edges and gather my paper and embellishments.

After I glued the paper in place on the front cover, I added some selfadhesive lace.

I glued paper on the inside that was from the same paper line, My Mind's Eye, simply because it coordinates together beautifully.

I embellished and added the "organization" part to the center first.

The center was glued together, as my partner wanted.

It was to make it more like a book than an accordion.

I embellished the front at the very last. It fastens with velcro since my partner needed a fastner that would not open inside her bag. I added flowers and a couple of stick pins. Some accent pearls and doily.

A close up

And that was my first altered file folder.

Thanks for looking.


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21- heaven4333 Feb 7, 2012
Hey Alicia,
Love your flowers lady. My favs are the rose, the lilly and the
one that is blue, a morning glory maybe? Anyway pick me! lol

Send me your information to nyssagarcia@hotmail.com you have 2 weeks to claim your prize!
Thank you everyone who participated in my first giveaway. Next month I'll do another set of 7 flowers with another giveaway!

February 9, 2012

Wire Wrapping

Last year, I took a class at my local bead store. The class was the intermediate wire wrapping class. We were taught how to make wire wrapped links and caged beads. Here are a few things I have made using this art.

Thanks for looking!

February 8, 2012

Here comes the Bride...(al) Shower

This past summer, I had the privilage of Hosting (along with my mom) my sister's bridal shower. I have to say, this was the very first time I was decorating a cake with fondant and gumpaste.

Long story short, I took a Wilton class to learn how to work with fondant and gumpaste. I really thought I could do what Cake Decorators do, since I have been baking cakes and frosting them. How hard could fondant be?

I also bought the Cricut Cake. I saw some Demos of it and I thought to myself, this could come in handy!

And so, here it is, my very first cake, covered in fondant!

I made the flowers out of 50/50 mix. I cut out the flat rose flower from the Cricut Cake and molded them to make them 3D. The Purse was also cut from the Cricut Cake, although the embelishments were silicone 3D molds. The shoe was a cutter from Gem Cutters. But I embelished it with the silicone molds. The Monogram S is also cut from Elegant Cakes on the Cricut Cake.

Side view

Close Up.

Not content with making the cake, I also wanted to make some Cookie Pops for Favors. I put the chocolate chip cookie dough in balls on the premade cookie pop pans. These are made by WILTON and they have all sorts of diffrent figures. I bought the generic circle because I figured I could make more use of them. You can always add a fondant cookie cover on them.

Next, you insert the sticks on the cookie dough. Notice how there is an indentation where the stick goes? This works out perfectly.

This is what they should look like after baking, let them cool down a bit and then...

pop them off the pan and into the cooling rack.

In the mean time, I cut the letter S on my Cricut Cake. This is pure fondant since it will be placed ontop of the cookie to be eaten. Make sure to freeze the fondant for at least 30 minutes before cutting. Then after you cut it, freeze it again for 15 minutes. Remove the surounding fondant and carefully transfer over to a drying area.

I let them dry overnight so they could be a little stiff and keep their shape when I placed them ontop of the cookie.

For the cookie, I filled the center with cookie Icing and used a spoon to make sure it was round.

I then placed the letter ontop and let it dry overnight.

And this was the final cookie. They were wrapped in plastic bags and tied with a pretty string with a tag.

Thanks for looking!


February 4, 2012


I am giving away all 7 of the flowers done on my tutorials!
PLUS a new flower forming foam and sponge!


All you have to do is:

1. Be a follower of my blog
2. Leave a comment on this post stating which flower you like the most and why. (For addicional enteries you can leave comments on the flower posts themselves BUT you must leave a comment on here to qualify)
3. (optional) Which flower would you like me to do next?

DON'T forget to leave me a way to contact you if you are annonymous. :)
Open only to US and Canada

That's it.

I'll pick a winner through random.org Next Saturday, Feb. 11th.

Thanks for looking!

From the valley of the Dalhia

I decided to go out with a bang today, and do the Dalhia. This flower was declared the National Flower of Mexico. Being a Mexican American, I thought it proper to save the best for last.

Well, let me rephrase that, the most tedious, laborous and repetitive flower, for last.

This flower can be done with any cartridge that has an oval shape.
You will need alot. I used about 35 ovals 3/4in long.

I like the color red.

And you have now formed a Dahlia Flower!

Thanks for looking!

February 3, 2012

To bend in the wind like the Tulip


Did you know that the famous Holland Tulips are not originally from Holland? Yeah, me neither! Apparently they originated from the area around Greece, Turkey and Afganistan.

One day, in the 16th century, the Tulip arrived in the Netherlands and started Tulipmania (lol) Some varieties of tulips cost more than a house! Insane. It was such, that having fresh Tulip(s) in your house was equal to having a BMW or Mercedes in your garage.

Well, now you can make them out of cardstock!

The diecut for this flower is simple. An egg shape. I took mine from the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge. Now, since I wanted Orange tulips and I don't have an orange ink pad, I cut them out on yellow cardstock.

I added two leaves, on on each side.

And now you have a tulip!

Stay tuned for tomorrows conclusion of this flower series, and the fun givaway!

Thanks for looking