February 13, 2012

Oh, my sweet Valentine!

Last year for Valentine's Day I was very pregnant with my Second Child. Well, I really didn't do much for the kids at my son's school, so I bought them Heart shaped balloons. Easy out, kids happy.

This year, I decided to make Cookie Pops for the class. Valentine's Day style.
I did the cookies just like the ones for my sister's bridal shower, and I took out all the decorating supplies needed. I found these really cute sprinkles from Wilton at Walmart and of course the trusty cookie Icing in Red, Pink and White. Now Pink and Lavender are two colors that I hadn't seen and I'm thinking they are for Valentine's Day. So I made sure to buy some surplus incase I need them for Mother's Day.

I already had the white pearls so that was a plus.

I decided to make a variety of cookies. Not all the same. And Some of them even had some fondant hearts. I had some red fondant left from the Mickey Cake.

Let them dry overnight before you put the plastic over them. BUT don't make the mistake of leaving them to dry standing. The icing will drip and may distort your decor.

For the lables, I used my Cricut/Gypsy and the Art Philosophy Cartridge to make them personalized. Instead of cutting them out first, I used the Chomas Gel Pen holder (Which you can buy HERE)To write the design inside the tag. I LOVE This Gel Pen Holder. I then selected the file to just cut the ouline of the card.  

I inked the outside of the tag and cut out just the hearts and inked those too.

I attached the tag to the cookie with some pretty ribbon.


Thanks for looking!


  1. Great idea! TFS

  2. Great project and yummy looking, too. I like the tags you made to got with them. TFS