December 8, 2012

... And Winter is at my Doorstep

So, continuing on my Wreath theme,
(aparently I have nothing else to do, but make wreaths. This has really got to stop)
I saw THIS beautiful wreath on one of my Pintrest boards. But, it had already been sold.

On one of my many, many trips to JoAnn's, I saw the burlap fabric was on sale! You know what happened next. I bought a couple of yards on Christmas colors. (I had this wreath in mind to recreate) Then I went to the Flower area and got the wire frame for the wreath. I didn't want the small one, but the next size was the 24in. one. Oh, well. Go Big or Go Home as we say here in Texas.

I cut out strips of the red burlap.
They were approximately 12 inches in lenght and 3/4 inches in width. I cut about 75-80 strips.

I began by knoting them around the Whole Width of the wire frame.

Just one knot was fine. I repeted this step AD NAUSEUM. Every 10 or so, I would squeeze them together so there wasn't much room between the strips.

I did this the whole diameter of the wire Wreath.

For the buckle, I used Sparkly Glitter Paper. I cut it with the Art Philosophy Cartridge from CTMH for my Cricut. I also cut the HO HO HO  from the cartridge as well. 

I added a little sparkle to the Letters.

And Added the black burlap belt to the buckle and hot glued it to the frame. On hind sight, I could have skipped knotting the red burlap on the area where the belt would overlap it, but since it was my first atempt, you live and learn. I added the lettering to the left and Voila! It is being proudly displayed on my door.

Thanks for looking!



  1. And yep another wreath - but WOW! I love this its fabulous. TFS and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Thank you!

    I know, I got to stop with the Wreaths... At least until next year. ;-)