December 14, 2012

Christmas Decore

As promised, I have the rest of the projects I have been working on for Christmas Decorations. This will be a very picture heavy post.

For the first project I made, I used the Plastic Cups that Fast Food Restaurants give out. I took the 16 oz., 20oz, and 32oz cups. These fit the purpose perfectly.

I cut out Three Cones for the top and glued them with the Silicone Gun. Then, using some black acrylic paint, I covered all of the cup and cone so it could be a solid color.

They look like some Dark Towers from LOTR, don't they? LOL

Next, for the First Two, I cut out strips of Tan and Red Burlap and Glued them in an Alternating Fashinon.

The Last Tree was covered in a Decorative Garland that I found at the Christmas Section of Walmart. I had to buy 4 spools of it to cover the tree completly.

These are the first two completed. I decided the one on the Right didn't looked quite finished by itself.

So I added a Twisted Flower made from Red Burlap and  some Green Burlap Leaves.

This is the Last tree all finished with some "Lights" I found in the Christmas Section as well.

For the Next Project, I saw in a Pintrest Post HERE And knew I just had to make my own.
I got some Wood Blocks that had been left over from my son's Swing Set set up. There were exactly 3 of the same size! WIN!

I went ahead and colored them black with Acrylic Paint.

Once they were dry, I spray painted them with Clear Spray Paint to seal the Color.

I cut out 6 Tan Burlap Squares about 1/2inch smaller all around, than the Wooden Blocks. I decided to make them dual. I wanted to be able to see the JOY on both sides. I cut the letters out with the Cricut in Black Cardstock.

I used my beloved Mod Podge to glue on the burlap onto the wooden blocks and then the letters. Once it was dry, I gave it a second coating to cover the Whole Block.

And this is the result. Side one....

Side Two.....

Wheeeeuuuu.... that was a long post. LOL... hope you enjoyed the projects I have done for Christmas.
I will be taking a break for Christmas since I will be out of town. But hopefully I'll be back with other projects later on in January.

Thanks and have a Blessed Holiday Season and A Wonderful New Year!

Thanks for Looking!

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