December 8, 2012

FALL is almost gone....

So um, yeah, fall is pretty much over. (noooooo) It's my favorite season of the year and I feel, here in Texas, that it isn't long enough. By the time "summer" ends in mid-October,
there is only a month that I really get to enjoy it.

Here, Halloween is big, but I'm more into the autumn aspect of fall. You know, turning leaves and acorns. Pumpkins and Apples. Nice Scarecrows and Haystacks. *sigh* 

So it was with great enthusiasm that I made a Fall wreath. Previous years, were Halloween related, but this year was all about FALL. I found some inspiration in the form of THIS wreath that I had Pined.

I began with a normal $2 wreath I bought at the bin section of Target. I also found some nice acorns and pine cones for about $2 each as well. I had some fall leaves left over from the Fall banner that I decided to use up as well.

Since the Straw wreath I found was SUPER small and the burlap wasn't sticking very well. So I took an old Cardboard box and cut out a Circle frame that was bigger than the Wreath.

I began hot gluing the burlap ribbon from CTMH in a folded overlapping way. (On the outer edge) All the way around the cardboard cutout.

Once it was finished I hot glued the wreath on the inside area that was exposed.

On the bottom right corner of the wreath, I began to hot glue the leaves and the pine cones. I finished by adding the acorns as well.

I needed to make a banner, so I took the precut banner chipboard pieces from the ART PHILOSOPHY CRICUT COLLECTION that I had and added some rosettes. I then used the Houndstooth letters and Inked them.

I strung them up with some twine

And Attached it to the wreath.

I added some burlap to the back, that I bought at JoAnn's, and hung it up right next to our Scarecrow that was gifted by my wonderful Mama.

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Fabulous love this Autumn wreath and how you did the burlap. Fabulous addition to your door:-)