May 9, 2013

What have I been up to, Part 1

So I have been abscent in my blogging for a while. Not because I wanted to, but because life simply got very busy, very fast.

In January, My oldest turned 6. So there was some planning there. Next, February came with all the Preparations for Valentine's Day. In March, I had my birthday and my son's field trips to plan. And Last month was my youngest 2nd birthday.

Now, My youngest had his first birthday party at home and a second celebration at my parents. But for his 2nd, we decided to give him a big party at Chuck E Cheese.

If you've read my blog, you know that ALL of our parties are at Chuck E. Cheese. This is for two reasons. 1- I don't have to serve and clean up. 2- They have GLUTENFREE Pizza. Now this last one, if you're a Celiac like me, gets warning signals blaring. Most places that advertise GlutenFree, are NOT GlutenFree. They are cooked WITHOUT Gluten, but Cross-contamination is a given.

Well, Chuck E. Cheese got it right. They cook the GF pizza in it's own wrapping and serve it to you still sealed. Not only that, but they give you a sealed disposable Pizza cutter that you can take home.

It was awesome! Delicious! And I didn't feel awful afterwards!

So, frankly, I don't mind having all our parties there.

I digress.

Well, For my 2yr old, his brother decided his "theme" for him. It was down to the two shows that the birthday boy likes. Blue's Clues and Team Umizoomi.

Team Umizoomi Won.

Ofcourse it did.

It's the only one I don't have ANYTHING for.

There is virtually NO decorations you can buy for it.

Everything has to be handmade / homemade.


Okay, well, I started looking for Svg that I could cut, that were of the Umizoomi team. I found this really nice laday that had vectored them and transformed them into SVG. She was very nice and let me have them for personal use for the party. The only one I did make was the Umi-Car. I couldn't find an SVG of it and found a very nice picture HERE. I then used Inkscape to convert it and made some invitations and some were decorations. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

We got the ballons at our local H.E.B. they were ALOT cheaper than at Party City. As a matter of fact, we did the same at our 6 yr old's party.

The cake I made using Fondarific Fondant and the Umicar.

Here is Bot. I used my Cricut Gypsy to cut out the Shapes for the signs.

Here is Geo. For the Number 2, I used my Cuttlebug and the Dot Embossing Folder.

And Ofcourse, Mili, she had to be here even though it was a "boy" party.

This is the Umicar I made into an Svg. It came out pretty good.

The cookie pops were made from Schwan's Frozen Cookie Dough. I have found it to be the BEST cookie frozen premade cookie dough for these. I then frosted them with Betty Crocker's cookie frosting and placed fondant numbers and shapes on them.

The birthday boy hadn't taken a nap and was VERY tired!!!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. You made an awesome job of your decorations for his party!! Fabulous! That is so cool of Chuck E Cheese to be so good with the gluten free!! TFS