January 28, 2012

Mickey Mouse Overload officially over.......... Or is it?

It's been a week since my son's 5th birthday party and I'm finally over my aversion to all things Mickey. You see, my firstborn is used to getting what he wants. And he wanted Mickey. EVERYTHING Mickey. So, I obliged. I thought, how hard could it be, it's going to be at Chuck E. Cheese, so I only need to do some centerpiece decorations, the favor bags and ofcourse the cake.

What was I thinking.

Before anything else, I'd like to thank my wonderful husband, Chris, because he very graciously took care of both our boys, I was able to do our son's decorations. Thanks, Bebito, I love you!

I started with the decorations right after Christmas. Okay, Right after New Years, to be precise. I was ready to make the best decorations this side of Texas. *chuckle* Anyway, I grabed my trusty old Gypsy (Cricut companion portable machine) and started creating.

I had the Mickey Font and decided to do some banners to bring height to the centerpieces. My mother was having a carpenter do the baskets that were to be the base of the centerpiece, so I had to do the rest.

Simple enough right?

I cut out the Mickey Silhouettes from the Cricut Mickey Font Cartridge and the Letters of my Son's Name. I spray painted the Shishkabob sticks red and used some Twine that I had gotten in a share. I glued the letters together and placed the yellow mickey head in the middle to have the letters POP.

I strung it up on the sticks and drapped it.

And this is the finished basket. It contained the Mickey Head Pops that I will show you next time. I also made some familiar Icon cuts (Mickey shorts, his glove and his star) to put on sticks and have them arranged all around the basket inside. Which my Dad gracefully helped me to glue to the stick. (Gracias Papito por ayudarme a pegarlos!!!) That way, when the Pops where gone, it wouldn't look so empty. I finished it off by putting the black Mickey Mouse ribbon I found at Walmart. It was perfect!

Thanks for looking!



  1. These aré amazing! Your son must hace Belén very happy! Congratulations for your blog! Where can we buy your products?

  2. I'm trying to find this font to do something similar for my Son's 1st Birthday..
    What is the font called?


    1. Hi, Marcela, the Font I used was the Cricut Mickey Mouse Font. There are some Mickey fonts you find if you google MICKEY FONT and you can download a free font. Good Luck!