January 20, 2012

Family Christmas

For Christmas this year, we went down to my hometown to spend it with my family. Every year for as long as I can remember, we celebrate Christmas Eve with my Father's side of the family. This is a major deal, because my Father has 8 brothers and sisters. They in turn have 2-3 children, who in turn most are married now and have children of their own. So it becomes quite crowded in any home we gather, SOOOO for the past two years we rent a hall and have it catered.

On Christmas Day, we always celebrate with my Mother's side of the family. Although, the family gathering is extended to my grandparents, grandaunts and granduncles, their children (my aunts and uncles) and their children (my cousins) So it gets pretty big as well. But, it is usually at one of my aunt's home. Here it is usually potluck, or everyone pitches in and brings an assigned dish. I was tasked with bringing the cake this year. So, I decided to make a single layer cake.

I decided to cut all the decorations out with my cricut cake. The flowers were cut with the Art Philosophy Cartridge and the Leaves I used Cake Basics Cartridge.

I used Red Fondarific Fondant for the flowers and White Fondant for the leaves.

Now, this color was way to bright for the flowers I had in mind, so I dusted them with Luster dust. The leaves were also dusted with Gold Luster Dust. For the flower center, I decided to use gold round sprinkles.
And here is the result!

Thank you for looking



  1. Hi! I was clicking through random blogs that were linked to the Cricut MB, and came across yours. I wanted to say that this cake is awesome, and your necklaces ROCK! Welcome to the world of blogging - I'm your first follower! Great job so far!

  2. Wow that had to take some time to make. You did a great job. TFS.