January 17, 2012

Angel Cake Pops

Today I'm going to show you the Cake Pops I did for my son's Baptism. The Cake Pops themselves are lemon cake with lemon frosting. I really didn't have too much time to make these, and Duncan Hines makes reeeeeeaaaalllyyy good cake mix. I did add a bit of things to make it my own, though.

To bring out the Lemon flavor of the cake, mix in some lime zest and lime juice. This will give it the tiny bit of tart that is associated with lemon cake. Next, instead of adding water, I added soy milk. This makes the cake more moist inside, which in turn makes the cake pops taste so much better.

If you don't know how to do cake pops, I suggest you go to BAKERELLA where she has the most wonderful step by step instructions on how to do the cake pops.

After making the cake balls and putting them in the freezer, I continued to make the angel "accessories"

I used my Cricut Cake to cut out the angel wings and Halo for the Angel. I love using the Cake because it just makes cutting the 50/50 so much easier than if I were to cut them by hand. I cut these in less than an hour. I think it took longer for the mix to set in the freezer and dry afterwards, than for me to cut them.

Angel Wings

Angel Halo

Next, I melted the Candy to make the noses. Now for the noses you can use pretty much anything round and pink, but I wanted to make them oval. So I added some pink coloring to the melting candy and put it on a squeeze bottle. I squeezed out a bit at a time to form the noses on some parchment paper.

After the Cake Balls were sufficiently cool, I dipped them in the candy melt and let them cool off and harden. Next came the fun part, DECORATING!!!!

I used some cookie frosting (but royal icing can work) to "Glue" the wings and the Halo on the Pops. I did have to wait until they were set. I had a couple of accidents where I didn't wait and the wings just slid right off.  

After, I had some Wilton eyes that I added and used edible pens to do the eyebrows. I used gel to make the mouth. This I do not recomend if you are going to wrap them in plastic like I did. It doesn't dry 100% and it smudges all over the plastic bags if you are not careful.

See what I mean??!!??

Just drying.

And here is the finished product.

I hope you like my angel cake pops, leave me a comment letting me know what you think.
Thanks for looking



  1. HI I was wondering if you could tell me which Circut cake cartridge you used for the halo and wings? these are so cute!

    Thanks, Amy (amylopez@aol.com)