December 18, 2011

Welcome, me!

I have decided to take the plunge and enter into the wonderful world of blogging. A little about myself. I'm a 30ish mom of two and wife to one wonderful man. I live in the great state of Texas. And by the way, I love to craft. Anything that I can make with my hands and a couple of supplies, I consider crafting. My main focus is on paper crafts, jewelry making and cake decorating. That is it! Feel free to leave me comments and questions. Enjoy!

These are some of the ways I organize my Cricut Cuts.


  1. Todo lo que es creado con un fin bello es ARTE... ARTS and Crafts... Ya eso con mucho AMOR, definitivamente es arte... Dios bendiga esas manos creativas y te de mucha mas inspiracion y tiempo para compartirnos tu trabajo... blessings my friend <3